Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Happy Gothtober, everyone! (Do check the website. It's different each day, with films and crafts and all sorts of goodies, and their theme this year is of a drive-in theatre, which is just great.)

Today we talk of Jung and Lovecraft. Jung's "Red Book" is to be published early next year, and a fascinating article details the why and how of the book and its journey to public eyes. In related happenings, a weblog has set out to detail the phenomenon of synchronicity when it's noticed.

Lovecraft, on the other hand, is missing. Well, not really, but that's the premise of the similarly titled webcomic (the first episode is here). Meanwhile, Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs has debuted a Lovecraft-themed collection of aromas. While I think Miskatonic University sounds nice, I would be worried about wearing a perfume titled Cthulhu or Herbert West or Night-Gaunt or...

And finally, greetings to another spooky library type, the Paranormal Librarian! (Found via Susan on Facebook -- thanks Susan!)


Anonymous said...

Oooo...many good links today! Much appreciated!

Satori said...

I'm most certainly pre-ordering the Red Book! I can't wait to dig in!