Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Halloween season has been a little less festive than usual at Spooky Librarians HQ, with life getting in the way of the holiday (including our current marshaling of forces against the flu epidemic, which has met with only limited success). Fortunately, there are oodles of other spooky people out there who are carrying on the spirit!

Many websites which are not normally spooky are filled with lovely dark things for October, such as Not Martha (and, shameful admission, I do like the real Martha's Halloween ideas each year as well). The Random Picture of the Day has featured spooky images all month, and even Major League Baseball has gotten into the spirit by providing pumpkin stencil patterns for each team. (If your team had a subpar year, like mine, you could construct an elaborate allegory as the pumpkin decomposes. Well, you COULD.)

The always excellent Drawn! points to Aly Fell's equally excellent Halloween-themed pin-up girls. I think Bunny would probably buy several of these.

There are also many out there who keep the spooky going year-round, such as Creepy Cupcakes and Para Abnormal: The Comic (I am especially loving the Bela Lugosi take on the Obama HOPE poster).

And here's a happy announcement for the Forteans and cryptozoologists among us! The CryptoZoo Museum will officially open November 1st in downtown Portland, Maine. Excellent.

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