Monday, October 05, 2009

Hey! Did you know that the founder of Cirque Soleil is up in space this very moment? (As in outer space, not just up in the air somewhere?)

Also, did you know that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are fans of Norman Rockwell? I didn't, but the two directors are lending their collections to the Smithsonian for a 2010 exhibit.

I love these negative space illustrations by Noma Bar, and am completely baffled (in a good way) by the nanosculptures of Willard Wigan.

Two new biographies of L. Frank Baum are hitting the stores and libraries; they sound like interesting reading, as the man was a fascinating product of his times.

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Anonymous said...

Baum, who publicly supported women's right to vote, was deeply affected by his beloved, spirited wife, Maud, and her mother, Matilda, an eminent feminist who collaborated with Susan B. Anthony and publicized the idea that many "witches" were really freethinking women ahead of their time.

I am such a sucka for men who get it. Wow. DREEEEMEEEE...