Thursday, October 29, 2009

I did not get to go to Internet Librarian this year, which is very sad. Looks like it went well!

You still have time to send in an entry to the 2009 Pimp My Bookcart contest, and you can even ogle the competition.

If you know any librarians, you may catch a glimpse of them in the Library 101 video!

The New York Public Library celebrates the World Series* by creating a set of vintage New York and Philly players on the Flickr Commons.

Elsewhere in New York, the current attitudes in children's books are scrutinized.

My notes for the following link say, "old books become birds become kites - Clemens Habicht" and that's as good a description as any, I think.

Links from others tomorrow. Stay tuned!

*They created this BEFORE Game 1, obviously. Hee.

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