Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Friday to everyone, a moment of silence for what happened eight years ago, and then on to the links sent in from others (many thanks).

From Dawnowar: The Librarian Pirate's Tumblr!

From Julie: the British Library has digitized over 28,000 rare recordings. Wow.

From both Julie and Cassandra (do you guys coordinate this? It's happened several times now!): the origin of fairy tales may be much older than previously thought.

From Cassandra: the return of the '80s, the secret of naming college courses, the odd story of the Orgone Energy Observatory, and the universe as an opera.

From my Twitter contacts: the British government has finally apologized to Alan Turing! Zazoo sent in an article from CNN on this as well. Online petitions do, at times, work. Now, about that petition for Thatcher's funeral...(love the ventriloquist option).

Have a safe and spiffy weekend, everyone. The Spooky Librarians have next week off from their respective workplaces (whee!) and are going to be both home and away as events warrant, so posting will be unpredictable until the 21st. See you soon!

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