Thursday, September 10, 2009

I thought that perhaps we were the only librarian household to own a sledgehammer for exercise purposes, but the World's Strongest Librarian has proved me wrong! I highly recommend his website; there's more to it than physical strength. (One of his mantras: "Don't make anyone's day worse.")

Another great new librarian site (although potentially unsafe for work) is the community of Librarians Who Say Motherfucker. If you ever wondered if librarians gripe about patrons and students and co-workers and directors...the answer is yes. Yes, they do.

Neil Gaiman has more books than you do. Or, at least, he has a better way of displaying them.

For the historian, researcher, or insatiably curious: the British Library's Texts in Context website combines scores of resources for your learning pleasure.

And finally, my current favorite website is The Longest Poem in the World, which combines Twitter posts into rhyming couplets. Just now they featured "through the fire and the flames we carry on!!!/Today's flavors...Peach and Butter Pecan." (So far my all-time favorite is ""You are my rock, my strength and my salvation / Whoa! Stop and Shop has a gas station?!")

Tomorrow: links from others!


B.Easterling said...

"Don't make anyone's day worse"

Maybe librarians should post that on their desks and on the front door as well... sound advice for patrons, eh?

Anonymous said...

Are you clairvoyant? Your posts today are quite amusing just when I needed it most.

Ok, what about librarians who just say "fucker" not "motherfucker?" Should I start my own group of fuck-sayers? Or incorporate "mother" into my vocabulary? Fucker is more succinct. And I love the way the "ucker" of "fucker" feels when it slips through my teeth.

There is nothing quite like the tension release when stating, "That stupid fucker" or "That dirty fucker" or "I'd kill the fucker." Fucker. I really like it.