Thursday, September 24, 2009

Most of today's links were found accidentally or through my RSS feeds. For example, I was looking up "boho luxe" after reading about it in an article and then found a primer on how to dress "like a sexy librarian." Well then.

Librarian in Black points to a frankly amazing resource on the BBC's website: learn several languages in several different ways, all for free! I can't wait to explore this.

Gary Price's ResourceShelf has a wealth of information on the current battle concerning Google's book digitization efforts. The Open Book Alliance, opposed to Google, has also started a weblog.

And finally, for the language lovers, Wordsmith's "A Word A Day" is a constant source of education and entertainment. Did you know that Beau Brummell died penniless in a mental institution, for instance?

Tomorrow: lots of links from others! Come back tomorrow and see them all!

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