Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Labor Day weekend is coming up, which means that most wacky festivals in the US transmogrify into fireworks extravaganzas. So instead, let's look at other options - many tailored for specific readers I know.

For instance! Carré d'Etoiles, a new concept in France, offers portable cabins with a transparent dome and sky viewing kit (telescope included) so you can watch the stars in comfort. (Cassandra, check this out.)

Would you like your city's stairwells to smell, well, fresher? (Bunny, this is for you. Also for Julie in the UK!) National Car Parks, Ltd., is experimenting with scents in various car parks around the UK, and asking for your votes. One option on the list is "fresh bread." Another is "wood fire," which seems like a bad choice for a car park, but hey.

For the Club Creatures and Jimmylegs, among others: CitySounds.FM features dozens of city "soundtracks," from Brooklyn to Berlin to Auckland, which are constantly updated. Seems like a neat way to hear new music.

For Danny, Jeff & Dan, and anyone else who traipses around Europe: Sandeman's New Europe City Walking Tours are free - free! - and look like lots of fun! Some cities have several different themed tours, others only one, but all of them look interesting.

And finally, for Danny, my mom, and anyone else who has been to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam: um, apparently the moon rock we gave you is a fake. Oops. Let the conspiracy theorists go wild!


Anonymous said...

Re: Carré d'Etoiles

Words adequate exsist not to express my longing for such a contraption. The only thing I can say for sure is this: I am in complete and total love with the person who invented this!

Re: Stairway fresheners

Working in Gotham City's courthouse has conditioned me to appreciate these lingering foul odors. Walking into work I often exclaim, "I love the smell of urine in the morning." (teehee) Seriously, the city/county should look into this.

Thank you for the portable cabin link. Man. Let's go to France stat, ok?

Danny said...

I saw that bit about the moonrock :p Looks like the whole thing is worth more as a conversation piece ;)

Now I'm off to read the city tours!