Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October is almost here, so Wednesdays will soon be all-spooky links to celebrate. But in the meantime, you have 24 hours to get to Harvard and see the 19th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony live! (Yes, Bostonians and New Yorkers, this means you.)

Also, many Halloween festivals and extravaganzas begin this weekend, such as Shriekfest in Los Angeles. If you're looking for haunted houses in your area, the Dark Side of the Net has a fantastic list of links.

If you want to decorate your own house in a slightly haunted way, Pillboxdesigns has some wonderful ideas. (The Nosferatu decal would completely creep me out if I saw it in person. Just so you know.)

And while looking for other creatively interesting people and crafts, I found someone who not only makes amazing things, she's even in my home town! The things you find online...

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