Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Quick, check out Woot's shirt of the day today. It's only available today and is steampunky in nature! (Their summary -- "Wear this shirt: when you’re feeling a little steampunk, but not in the sort of way that would result in you dressing all goofy.")

The countdown for the Raygun Gothic Rocketship is at two days. If anyone is at Burning Man, take many photos and videos and report on what happens!

In other news, the eighth issue of Gatehouse Gazette is now out for perusal and appreciation!

We are pretty good about keeping on top of publications here at Steampunk Librarian HQ, but we are a dismal failure at keeping au courant with steampunk music. Fortunately, Sepiachord has that aspect of the culture covered, and we happily direct you there!

The x planes tumblr site features all sorts of aircraft, often historical, always interesting.

And finally, the New York Times has an article on the ultimate steampunk loft. Located in DUMBO (Brooklyn), it is part of a working clocktower. It's gorgeous and mechanical and vintage and modern all in one.

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Ottens said...

Thank you kindly for posting about the release of the Gazette! I hope you enjoyed reading your latest issue.