Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy 09/09/09, everyone. Are you getting through this Day Without Cats on the Internet? (If not, it's okay; has announced that "in typical cat fashion, we will ignore this ridiculous notion.")

It may be a day without cats, but not a day without Muppets! The always fantastic Topless Robot looks at the ten weirdest moments on The Muppet Show. The Vincent Price one is my favorite, but I also have a strange fondness for Roger Moore's spy-themed "Talk to the Animals" performance. And speaking of Muppets, I've been holding on to the following link for a while, hoping to find a good spot to mention Cookie Monster cupcakes which include cookies.

I haven't heard any mutterings about a 09/09/09 apocalypse, but there are lots of people prepared for such a thing at any moment. (There's been a lot of Fallout 3 playing at the homestead, so this seems familiar.)

And finally, if you're just looking forward to the weekend, the Aloha Festivals in Oahu are getting into full swing and look beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Vincent Price + Muppets = child warping media, but in a good way. I loved that as well as Alice Cooper.