Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday! Today's links from others seem to focus on weird animals and phenomena, to my delight.

First off, from my Twitter contacts: Eddie Izzard is running 1,000 miles across the UK for charity, and is finding towns with the strangest names imaginable during the process.

From Danny: a book about a motorcycle-riding librarian who battles demons? Fantastic! (If I learn to ride a motorcycle, do I get to fight demons too?)

From Zazoo: is it a chupacabra? Is it just a really sick coyote? No one knows yet!

From Cassandra: Metallica calms monkeys. Well, um. Also, the problem of an increasingly unscientific America, a rather terrifying look at "positive lightning," and the Personas web project by MIT, which seeks to capture your online personality. The first time I tried this it told me I was made up of books and sports; I just tried it again and I am now a mix of books, genealogy, fame and religion. Ha!

From Julie: On land, the quest to become the World Gravy Wrestling Champion rages on. In the depths of the sea, fantastically beautiful "icy jellies" are photographed, many for the first time.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! We're taking Labor Day off and will be back on Tuesday. See you then!

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