Friday, May 04, 2007

Wow, it looks as if that Golden Compass daemon quiz below really does change according to people's feedback; yesterday I was a gibbon, today I am apparently an ocelot.

On to links from others! (Also, if you've sent me email and I haven't responded, I apologize - things are still a little frenetic around here.)

From Tim: a steampunky guitar. Ooooh, Ahhh.

From Danny: what did people in 1900 think the year 2000 would look like?

From Lindsay: people are coming up with sneaky ways to avoid library fines. This seems like more work than just paying a dollar or two, but anyway.

From Jase: possibly the ultimate photo of the Star Wars mailboxes.

Also, just for fun: the bizarre world of minor league baseball mascots. We are big fans of the Montgomery Biscuits at Spooky Librarians HQ. I think our friend Scot even has a baseball cap with the mascot!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you Monday. Probably. Perhaps Tuesday. (The Great Dental Reconstruction continues...)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE that Star Wars mailbox photo!! Pure genius!

I noticed that the Germans had predicted global warming back in 1900. Wow. Don't tell Al Gore! hehe

Anonymous said...

Love that guitar, it would have been perfect for Bowie during the Diamond Dog years!

I think the Germans may have invented the internets as a series of tubes too!