Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In all the craziness last week, I didn't get a chance to post about the Great Turtle Race, where you could watch huge sea turtles make their way across the sea. The race is pretty much over, but there are still lots of interesting things to see on the site. Perhaps next year we can watch it as it happens!

The BBC wants to make its entire archives available for free online. Yay!

The UK wants to make analog radio extinct. Boo!

What's so great about memorizing piano pieces, anyway? You know, this is a good question. I played piano for a long time and the worst part was the anxiety about forgetting the piece, not playing it.

I am very not a morning person, and caffeinated soap would definitely help me get up in the mornings...if I didn't take showers at night. Hm.

And lastly, for the science-minded: the odd and sometimes very entertaining world of biological nomenclature.


Anonymous said...

Glad your back! Love the science minded links for the day, especially the turtles.

So, Jinnet, whenever will I see your 80s hair on flickr? Hmmmm?

Jinnet said...

Having seen your '80s hair, I know that I can't even begin to compete!

But we have a scanner now, so I'll try and put up some good '80s pix for you. :)