Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today: world travels and spooky stuff. First, the travels:

Flickrvision shows you a map of photos being uploaded in real time, which is just completely awesome and also addictive.

America is full of crazy roadside architectural finds, and Agilitynut has most of them on her site! This is a great inspiration for planning a road trip.

Philadelphia has gone Egypt-crazy for their summer-long King Tut exhibit. There's a Tut Trolley! And an Egyptian-themed geocache hunt! And much more!

On to spooky stuff. Can people really see into the future, even if only for a few seconds? It looks as though they might indeed. (I would think this phenomenon includes those weird experiences when you "know" who's calling - without the help of Caller ID, I mean - or you know what the next song on the radio will be.)

Transhumanism is getting more and more press these days. I'm all for it, myself.

Mike Oldfield, who brought you the creepy "Tubular Bells," has had a dark sort of life himself.

Happy horror news: Hammer Films is BACK! Woohoo!

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