Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today is Slacker Day. (It isn't, really, but it SHOULD be.) Therefore, I bring you games and some ideas about work in the modern age.

We start off with the Results Only Work Environment plan, which I think is brilliant. I would be even more enthusiastic if I worked in a results-based job, instead of one in which I'm here just in case people have questions. Bah.

In related news, Cassandra just sent this: Why Working Less is Better for the Globe.

Also from Cassandra: monkeys and squirrels in Denver are dying of the plague. Yikes!

In case of plague striking your stuffed animals, fear not: here's a tutorial on how to perform surgery on a stuffed bunny. I didn't save him at first, but on my second try the bunny lived to hop another day.

Did you know there are two TRILLION ways to tie your shoelaces? I always thought there were about three. Golly.

And lastly, a wonderful online game in which you calculate how to launch Gonzo into a bucket of water. I got 5790 points total, and "Gonzo got a ride in an ambulance." Beat that!

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Anonymous said...

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I can't help shake the feeling that CEOs would somehow find a way to bastardize ROWE in order to suck EVEN MORE of the life from the marrow of their employees bones.(haha)