Monday, May 14, 2007

Hey guys -- free paintings! Seriously!

If you have an in-house artist in the form of a kid, perhaps he/she would be interested in contributing to Kid Cartoonists.

(Also, kid artists sometimes grow up to be in advertising, where they come up with ideas like this one, reminding Guinness drinkers to be responsible.)

Banksy is so well-known now that he's a little perturbed.

As music storage gets more compact, the great album art is vanishing. I remember studying album covers intently back in the day...hey! Get off my lawn!


Anonymous said...

You know I must ask. List your five fave album covers of all time. I like lists, ya know.

Dawn said...

do you remember they used to have a segment on the morning news where they'd take a kids drawing and critique it? I loved that :)