Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The British Library is helping create a sort of time capsule in Email Britain - if you're in the UK, you can contribute any time this month.

Now you can have your very own sonic screwdriver, like Dr. Who. You may be able to use it to fix electronics, but since we're on Earth and not Gallifrey it might be better to stick with Fixya, which helps the rest of us with repairing gizmos that have gone kablooey.

Atomic food containers! For your toxic leftovers! And then you can have a beer with a label you've created yourself. (Zazoo and Satori and I were talking the other night about how much fun it must be to design labels for wine and beer. This is the next best thing!)

And lastly, a funky little clock widget that you can either use to meditate or have as a desktop companion.

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Ellen@Entreprises LM Reparation de moteurs said...

I really loved this toy. It doesn't have noises or anything too flashy, but for a 10 year old'son Halloween costume it's perfect. It is much cheaper than any of the other options, but still lights up.