Thursday, May 17, 2007

It seems like every week brings a new library information society to light. This week we have the Library Society of the World, "for library and information folks who want the advantages of a badly organized organization without having to pay money to be a member of such a beast." (As one of the many librarians-turned-lapsed-ALA-members, I say hooray!)

The librarians at the New Yorker have their own occasional column. I always thought that would be a cool place to work.

Google has a new sort-of-secret search engine in beta. It's called SearchMash, and so far I like it a lot, especially the category breakout options on the side.

Looking at books on a computer screen: Book Inscriptions is a collection, and With-Drawn is an art project of sorts. Also, in related websites, here is why you shouldn't forget about what you print out at a library.

A British survey of books recommended for boys centers on sci-fi and action books for the most part. I've only read about five books on the list, but a lot of them sound like they'd be great fun to read, and I've added them to my own "to read" list!

Muslim boys might be especially interested in a new comic, which features librarians as the originators of what turns out to be an epic quest.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Julia Weist and you have here a link to my project.

Just a minor correction. The project is called With, Drawn (instead of With-Drawn). The comma is a cataloging reference that insinuates that the when the title is re-read as First Name Last Name, our project would be called Drawn With. The moment of pause (read: contemplation), implied by the comma, reverses a process of rejection into a productive, creative endeavor.