Thursday, May 03, 2007

I haven't read The Golden Compass yet, but the movie is coming and you can find out your inner daemon. If you don't think I resemble a gibbon (?!?), you can click above and say so.

Not only is Saturday Cinco de Mayo and Boys' Day, it is also Derby Day and Free Comic Book Day. There's something for everyone.

Hey, the Library of Congress has its own weblog now! Sweet!

Found via Library Stuff: a weblog detailing anxiety and technology.

Found via Libraryola: a list of rejected petitions for Parliament. Some are awesome. (The whole site of petitions is interesting - go explore!)

Found via fun with LOLbrarians. If you have to ask, you might be better off not knowing. If you're geeky and well versed in the ways of the interweb, though, you will probably appreciate it.

Tomorrow: cool links, sent in from others!


Anonymous said...

I am a butterfly. Modest, fickle, proud, humble AND competitive. How can one be modest, proud, and humble at the same time?

Curses! I thought, for sure, I'd be a cat. Pretty cool distraction for the day! thanks!

Anonymous said...

I ended up as the Snow Leopard, I can deal with that...

I've seen you change from a Ladybug to a Bobcat (after I gave feedback) then later you were a spider, a ladybug again, and now a wolf...

You must be a lot of different things to different readers :)