Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Travel/spooky link day. We start with travel. Zoom around a Google Maps image of a city with a tiny biplane! Use the arrow keys to move, and use the spacebar to shoot things you don't like! (It won't do any good, but it's the thought that counts.)

Not to be outdone with the Kentucky-to-Alabama yard sale that happened last weekend, Ohio and Indiana are getting in on the act with a 400-mile sale this weekend.

You hear a lot about coal mines, but not so much about iron mines. Now you can explore the strange underground world without going to the northeast.

Hey, the possibly first-ever game of border volleyball was played recently between the U.S. and Mexico! (Mexico won, by the way.)

National Geographic has a neat little interactive site regarding extraterrestial places and things. Which leads nicely into the spooky links. The After Death Communication Research Foundation is interested in dreams people have about those who have died, plus any other experiences they might have had. And in unrelated news, taxidermy is back, back, back!

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