Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto's not a planet any longer? Bah!

List of the week: the nation's drunkest cities. Columbus is #3, Cleveland is #7, and Cincinnati is #16. I'm so proud of my state. (There are only 35 cities on the list, to give you an idea of proportion here.)

Wikpedia article of the week: The Atlantic Monthly takes a look.

Helpful law librarian link of the week: you can check to see if something's on Lexis without having to sign up, thanks to this handy list of sources.

Sci-fi link of the day: an ancient Peruvian headdress has been found in a lawyer's office. I can't decide if this reminds me more of Puma Man (as seen on MST3K) or an episode of the '60s Spider-Man cartoon.

Funky, marginally-related librarian link of the day: Dirty Librarian Chains! Woo!

Tomorrow: links from others, as per usual. Wanna see your name in lights (or in HTML)? Send something my way!

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