Friday, August 11, 2006

Today: links from others! Thanks, everyone.

From Dr. Matt's alter ego, Suuuperrr Sloooow Mannn, comes this great look at lessons learned from '80s cartoons. And they're all true!

From the Graveworm: the alchemy of flight. Evidently it led to some broken bones.

From Glenna: a great treatise on "monstrous little women" in horror films.

From Courtney (hi Courtney, we owe you email!): the homeless are suing Massachusetts libraries for their new policies requiring permanent addresses. The homeless advocates have a good point.

Mentos is so pleased with all the Diet Coke & Mentos geyser experiments out there that they're sponsoring a contest of their own. The people who run Mentos must be rather cool.

Comboling is a strange, minimalist, surprisingly addicting game. Have at it.

Have a safe weekend, everyone. See you Monday!


Dawn said...

Hey..... I thought of you today...

As you know, I have a new job. Mostly so far we've been making up my job as we go based on what needs doing and what I'm good at.

I do a lot of indexing and archiving.

Today I suggested we use one of the empty desks as a sort of file room for all this crap, and then I can devise a clever system so everyone can find things.

My boss said, "You'll be like our librarian!"

Then I remembered you told me I should be one when I was looking for a new job. :)

Jinnet said...

Aha! See? SEE? :)