Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Courtesy of Satori: get your handwriting analyzed! The results for both of us were rather surprisingly accurate.

The good people at Sesame Street are trying to help kids with parents in the military. In their depiction, Elmo's dad goes off to war. Let's hope his unit has some good camouflage outfits; Muppet fur can really stand out.

It's the end of an era: a new version of Monopoly skips all that pesky paper money and charges your ATM! No word yet on whether players can engage in identity theft.

Random planets zoom up to you in the Map of the Universe. Reloading brings up a different planet. It's all very surreal, like hitting the Infinite Improbability Drive.

And finally, for the introverts: sick of MySpace and Friendster and Vox and LiveJournal and FaceBook and all that sort of thing? Isolatr is for you!

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Anonymous said...

The Sesame Street program is really cool, and really sad at the same time. How f'ed up is it that it has become that much of a need?