Thursday, August 03, 2006

Here's a nice cheerful link to start off the day: Congress is trying to get public libraries to ban access to chat rooms and "social networking sites" like MySpace and...Amazon. And a bunch of other sites. This should work out just great.

Along the same lines, WorkFriendly makes a webpage look, well, work-friendly. I wonder if it works for social networking sites.

Fortunately, some people appreciate the fighting librarians...

I could have sworn I'd mentioned From Old Books before, but I don't see it listed anywhere. If it's a repeat, it's a deserving one.

Objection! lets you write out your spurious accusation/spirited defense/inscrutable comment and have an anime character wave his arms about wildly. Here's the one Bunny sent me. I never knew he felt that way about Margaret Atwood.

Some random final links: we just found out that the world's longest yard sale, aka the 127 Yard Sale, started today and goes through Sunday. Isn't it early this year? Usually we're more prepared for it!

Also, if you remember the story of the hippo who bonded with the giant tortoise after losing its family, you'll love the weblog that their zoo publishes. Another hippo has been introduced into the group so that the young hippo can learn some hippo behaviors. It turns out that there's a bushbuck in the group, too. Someone really needs to start a book series about this crowd's adventures.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of animal's lives, have you seen MeerKat Manor?