Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Announcement! Folderol will not be published on Friday or Monday, because we, along with the rest of the Zagdog Aggregate, are headed back to the Ohio State Reformatory for another ghost hunt. Details of our first expedition, along with a movie, even, are available here and I also have a bunch of photos on my Flickr page. I'll be back on Tuesday and report on any ghostly experiences. Also, the ZagAgg's latest theoretical venture: a sealed house. It's very embryonic at the moment, but volunteers are welcome!

Some more scarifying things: digitally created monsters (with tutorials on how to do it, too!), glow-in-the-dark gravel (excellent for Halloween), and, courtesy of the Sparkle Queen (yay! the Sparkle Queen is back!), Armor of God pajamas. So, does the shield double as a pillow? I'm confused.

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