Monday, August 21, 2006

A quick bit of arty stuff for you...

Music: Holly sent me the link to OK Go's newest video, which is pretty damn amazing. All in one take, too!

Literature: So has anyone tried BookMooch yet? I've seen it linked several places recently, but I haven't seen any actual feedback...

Photography: Joe Nishizawa takes amazing photos of Tokyo's subterranean world.

Turning spam into art: Spam Obituaries is my new favorite site!

Turning ordinary objects into art: Cutlery sculptures can be beautiful and practical!

And lastly, here's something that has nothing to do with art but just struck me funny: a line from this BBC article about a Pakistan-England cricket match that ended in chaos when the Pakistan side was accused of tampering with the ball:

The Pakistani side refused to come out of their dressing room after tea in protest at the umpires' ruling.

I love the fact that they take tea breaks.

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