Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hey, all library-related people: I'm going to Internet Librarian again this year! Last year we both went; this year it'll just be me. I may actually get brave this year and talk to people. I love Internet Librarian and Monterey, so I'm looking forward to this a lot.

Library smut, i.e. beautiful photographs of libraries, can be very very hot.

Since I won't be here tomorrow, here are links from others! Thanks, everyone!

From Holly: raves are making a resurgence. Can glowsticks be far behind?

From Joseph: Librivox. I tried to get my dad to participate in this, but didn't succeed. Yet, anyway!

From Courtney: a truly inspired college recruiting campaign from Canada.

From Brendan: the BabyName Voyager, now updated with 2005 information! Brendan notes that "If you want to get really nauseated, enter NEVAEH. Or ARMANI, for that matter." Hee.

From Bunny: the Palace of Wonders, an amazing bar in the DC area that may be showing Meet Cleaver Theatre on special nights! Tip the bartenders there - we know them and they are good people! I'm angling for a road trip there soon.

From Dr. Matt: a must-see video for Star Trek and/or Nine Inch Nails fans. Brilliant stuff.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! We'll be back on Tuesday, provided no spirits get hold of us.

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