Friday, February 10, 2006

Today, links from others. Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate them!

But first, archaeologists have just discovered an intact pharaonic tomb in Egypt, right near Tutankhamen. Wow.

From Satori: Keith Haring wall decals!

From Daniel: "The villainous Lord Sinister and his evil henchmen have kidnapped professor Brixton-Smyth to find the lost gold.But in their haste they have awoken the sleeping monsters of the Cthulego Mythos!"

Also from Daniel: "the wisdom of parasites." Ew.

From Danny: the whiskey PC!

Also from Danny: some great photos of Harajuku kids, straight from a friend who was there. Also, for the geeks in the audience, there's a photo of a vintage Transformer. Ooo, ahhh!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday!


Anonymous said...

As the resident Transformers geek, the Megatron shown is actually not the original G1 or a G1 reissue (see the blue legs; the original Megs has red ones). For hardcore TF collectors, this one is a rare find. Guess I'm not THAT hardcore as I prefer my Megs to have red legs!

Just some useless archive!

Anonymous said...

The photos from Japan are fantastic (highly recommend fair readers to check them out). I had a dream last night that we hit the lottery...not a mega-millions or anything, just a nice chunk of change. I remember I had planned on traveling the world for a year, but when I got to Japan I ended up staying there for good!