Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hey, everyone, it's National Chip Week in the UK! Go eat some fries in their honor.

I've been looking for some decent coverage of the Winter Olympics all week, and now, thanks to Deadspin, I've found a great blog from the Washington Post (of all places). Cheese!Of!The!Day! Woo!

If you're not in Torino, you might consider the Egyptian Marathon this weekend. Bring water.

Spooky stuff: a "Kabbalistic death curse" was placed on Ariel Sharon last year. Apparently one was also placed on Rabin a month before he died. Coincidence?

Seen any all-white bikes leaning about? Ghost cycles are popping up in several cities. It started in Seattle, but now there's a UK outpost as well.

The National Library of Medicine has opened an exhibit called Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body, and it looks pretty spectacular. There are even crimescene dollhouses!

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Anonymous said...

Visible Proofs were neato. I sent it round to my section.