Thursday, February 16, 2006

If you could be a book which would torture students through the ages, which book would you be? Apparently I would be Beowulf. Sweet!

If you're searching for more information on the Olympics (because really, the NBC "All-America, All the Time" coverage isn't doing it for a lot of us), the good folks at ResourceShelf have a great compilation of sources.

The latest bad move by Washington: budget cuts would shut down the libraries and informational databases at the EPA. The EPA has so many great internet resources available that have saved me so much time in research that this is almost a personal affront to me.

After last week's link to the floating books at Abu Dhabi, I found a whole site devoted to bookboats! I wonder if one could start a pirate bookboat. Arrrr.

Librarians are trying to solve the Mystery of the Wire Loop which has appeared on a few books. I'm thinking it might be a throwback to the days when books were kept on chains, but feel free to come up with other ideas.

And finally, for the law librarians and/or lawyers out there: be careful what you email, unless you have no worries about job security. Eeesh.

Tomorrow: links from others! The Spooky Librarians are going on vacation next week, so tomorrow's post will be the last for a while. So if you have any good links to share, send them in!

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To create a South Park Character goto I have found out how to save them but its fun to tinker with.
For linguists. try the Rossetta Project. (
Enjoy the Sand Dunes and Sun.