Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ok, readers, today I am brave. I've been afraid to post this bedside table that transmogrifies into a club and shield. I know Bunny will think this is a brilliant idea and want one, and then one dark and stormy night, in the midst of one of his zombie nightmares, he will whack me upside the head with a table leg. I'm risking my life to bring you this link in the name of coolness!

Speaking of zombies, you can now easily turn your loved one (or sworn enemy) into a zombie without all that messy flesh-eating business.

The Polar Plunge is taking place this weekend. We're having our own local version on the same day (over in Newport, for the Cincinnatians in the audience), so I expect there are a lot of towns celebrating winter by flinging people into icy water. Or, um, something like that.

Locals give video tours of their hometowns in TurnHere, which is a cool idea of how to see a city you've never been to before. There aren't many places on there yet, but that can change. You might even volunteer to conduct a tour of your own city.

And lastly, for fans of the spooky and mythical: check out this awesome site dedicated to legendary creatures of the Himmapan Forest near the Himalayas.

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