Thursday, February 09, 2006

You know, I never think about other area librarians reading Folderol until I'm told about it, like I was this morning. Yikes. Um, hi, everyone? Be nice to the radical militant librarian in black?

Here's some good library news: The recently defunct Stumpers list is back, in the guise of Project Wombat!

There's an entire weblog devoted to library grants, which can be very useful.

Abu Dhabi features a floating book fair. I wonder if they need a librarian. Or a bar made entirely from books!

Not really library-related, but interesting: the 101 dumbest business decisions of 2005, as determined by CNN. I think a condo in an old mental asylum would be great, personally.

Tomorrow: links from others, and there are some truly awesome ones, so stay tuned!

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