Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hey! Are you scared of clowns? You are not alone in your coulrophobia! Also, don't go to Sarasota anytime soon. Fiberglass clowns will eat you.

Is there a word for being terrified of your president? The war in Iraq is now estimated to cost us two trillion dollars. Yes, TRILLION. (I suppose it's not a phobia if it's a rational, legitimate fear, right?)

In escapist fare, C64s take you back to the wonderful world of blippy, beepy games. I finally found Journey to the Center of the Earth, which I played constantly back in the '80s, even though I never won and always found it sort of disturbing. (Give My Regards to Broad Street was another constantly played game, but it was for C128s and therefore isn't listed. I have that game to thank for teaching me London tube stations; it came in handy several years later.)

If you're bored with the inside of your home or office, consider freaking people out with a 3-D design. I don't think they're responsible for any vertigo that results.

And finally, just for fun: Muppet miniature scale models!

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