Monday, February 13, 2006

Good morning! Are you (or is someone you know) tone-deaf? You can find out by taking the Distorted Tune Test. If you are indeed tone-deaf, you can participate in a study. (I got 26 out of 26. Finally, all those years of music pay off!)

How great is it that there's a whole subgenre of death metal labeled "Cookie Monster vocals"? That's what we always called it, too!

If you prefer your growly death in crocheted form, check out the bizarre and wonderful gallery of Patricia Waller. I especially like the "accidents" section.

For wordsmiths: WordMaze looks to be somewhat addictive. I'm seriously considering joining to get more options.

Vanishing Tattoo features an extensive directory of tattoo designs and symbols. I finally found out what the hoopla is about that nautical star design everyone is sporting these days.

A film called Blood Tea and Red String sounds cool just from the title. Then you see that it's a stop-motion animation production with mice and dolls and a Tim Burton-esque vibe, and it ascends to a very high level of cool.

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