Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thanks to everyone. I will be gone tomorrow to be with family, but should be back Monday, winter weather permitting!  So today we go with some links from others.

From Cassandra: Obituaries are another tradition in transition as newspapers change. (This is timely, as we just discovered the exorbitant cost of running this small obituary for my aunt in the Chicago Tribune.)

Also from the Tribune, incidentally: there was a small earthquake in the Chicago area this week. The world, it has gone mad!

From Cassandra, part 2: On the Issues discusses Wonder Woman.

From Julie: To celebrate International Sword Swallowers Day, a new record is set -- 18 swords at once. Ow! I don't know how people like Charon and Alex do it.

John Scalzi has the same thoughts about Google Buzz as I do at the moment. I am willing to give it a try, though! Feel free to add (follow?) me if you like.

Thanks again to all -- have a safe and spiffy weekend, everyone. See you Monday, or maybe Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Be safe.

(Also, I found the Wonder Woman article on Feminist Law Professors. The website posting the WW article is new to me though. I love it. Well, with some exceptions.)

We need levity, Jinnet! So I will do my best to capture some freely flowing humor in my cupped hand before the sadness coagulates. We need sadness thinner, damnitt!

My lame attempt at humor follows. Maybe you will find it funny because it's true.

I LOVED the Wonder Woman article. I SOOO very much admired WW as a girl. I even had the underroos(sp?) It's funny though, out of all her powers - quick clothes changes, invisible planes, magic lassos, inner and outer beauty - I wished for her ability to change her voice. Do you remember? She'd call someone from a pay phone, "This is General Whatshisass, abort the mission. I repeat, abort the mission."

That's just how much I hated school! I would sacrifice all those powers for the superintendent's voice, "This is Superintendent Whatshisass. School is cancelled today. I repeat, there will be NO SCHOOL today." AHHAHAHHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Again, be safe.