Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If you're near Nashville, the producers of steampunky film Nickel Children are looking for cast and crew members!

I think Jules Verne would have loved this "aero submarine."  I might accept this over a jetpack. Maybe.

I am pretty sure most people will not accept the idea of Queen Victoria as a demon-hunter, however, but it sounds like a rollickingly fun time to me!

Fans of Wild Wild West may appreciate this amazing apartment in Manhattan. Sadly, it's going away, as the tenant is moving out in March. Perhaps he'll have the stoop sale of a lifetime?

And finally, the adventures of Monsieur Sandalette are starting to appear in English, which is very nice for the non-Francophone fans. French speakers can read an extra two episodes!

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Nicole said...

Have you seen Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter? I guess this is becoming a genre?