Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Zombible is just what it sounds like. You have been warned.

I could have sworn I'd posted before about the Secret Places of San Francisco, but evidently I haven't. Go and search them out!

Farther north, the Olympics are gearing up, which means it's time for wacky mascot adventures. Those of you who follow MCT can guess what the Rude Marmot thinks of being relegated to sidekick status.

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Anonymous said...


I like how it poses the question, "nerd or hero." But, surely it is rhetorical as we all know the answer is, drumroll please...BOTH!!!!!!!! (teehee)

RE: S.F. Secret Places
Please please please promise me we'll go.

As I stub my big, hairy, fungus- infected toe on my dreams-strewn about in varying states of puss-filled decay-it occurs to me I am in need of a trip. Never underestimate the medicinal properties of travel. We shall go, or I shall die. DEATH IS BETTER, JINNET! DEATH IS BETTER!!!!!!!(Seriously!hahaha)

But, let's go, shall we?