Friday, February 05, 2010

It is Friday, and we are currently observing a lovely rain/snow/sleet/ice mix. Yes, it's February in Cincinnati!

From Zazoo: the awesome Puppet Buzz weblog.

From Julie: A pheasant is terrorizing a small English village, possibly to avenge the death of family members!

Also from Julie: Magnum's photography archive has been sold and will be available for view by the public, hooray.

From Cassandra: "At 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 6, the Central Ohio Ghost Squad will premiere the movie 'Back into Hell at Bobby Mackey's.'" You can meet one of the ghost hunters, too!

Also from Cassandra: Find a notable death via the Death Clock website.

From my mom: a great piece on the late Howard Zinn. Thanks, Mom!

From Nicole: A Gawker piece describes a made-over Snooki (of the now-infamous Jersey Shore TV series) as looking like "the coolest girl at the librarian's convention."  Nicole believes that this is wrong, as she, Cassandra and I were the coolest girls at the Internet Librarian convention a few years back. Hee. Thanks, Nicole! (I don't think Snooki has any interest in being a librarian anyway, so we are safe for now.)

Be safe and have a spiffy weekend, everyone. Between the weather and some family stuff going on, we may not be posting on Monday, but who knows?

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