Thursday, February 18, 2010

News! About libraries! And news librarians! And more!

In the uncertain newsroom of today, a lot of errors are getting made (and published); this is just one story among many, many others.

Another reason news librarians are useful: they might help you track down potential Cold War spies! This is a neat story; my favorite part is how a date was pinned down using the paper's sunrise and sunset times.

There is the Biblioburro in Colombia, mentioned here before, and there is also a camel library service in Kenya. I think there could be a lot of variations on this concept.

Librarians can inspire people...even via their obituaries?

My library school alma mater is talking about eliminating their school media (i.e. school librarian) program. Weird. I always thought that was the most popular specialization there.

And finally, a post in Apartment Therapy suggests you make bookshelves out of your ceiling rafters. (Keep in mind that this post originated in Los Angeles and may not be taking leaky ceilings or weight limits into consideration...)

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Anonymous said...

I've noticed a theme on Folderol of late, obituaries.

So, Jinnet, what would you, as a spooky librarian, like for your obit to read? I wonder why we never got around to having our obituary writing party.

Do you want your obituary to be humorous or serious? Or both? Or neither? Matter-of-fact? like, "She lived. She died. Who doesn't?"

Depending on the day and my mood, I want mine to headline, "AND ANOTHER THING!!!! Then, in small print, "She always had to have the last word."


"She was a seeker...and you might think that means she had a thirst for knowledge. Well, she didn't. You're wrong. Have you seen her car stereo buttons? Her car dash looked brand new but the buttons on her stereo were worn out completely. To those who knew her, it shouldn't come as a suprise to find that nothing was ever good enough for her! She was ALWAYS changing the radio station or scanning her CDs. I mean, come on! could she not be content for 5 minutes? Sheesh. We all know people like that are happier dead." (hahahaha)