Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone. Many thanks to everyone who sent in links for today's post!

From Josie: Meet the Impossibirds!

From Julie: A pelican, perhaps enraged by the cuteness of the impossibirds, goes berzerk on a weather presenter. Ha!

Also from Julie: more UFO reports are released to the public, including some truly odd sketches, and archaeologists have determined the true site of the Battle of Bosworth Field. (For those of you not up on English history, this is the battle where Richard III was killed and the Wars of the Roses came to an end, essentially.)

From Cassandra: the "steamy" memoirs of Casanova have been given to France's National Library. (Casanova was a librarian, you know, among other things.) Also from Cassandra: the Pembroke Center in Providence, Rhode Island debuts the Feminist Theory Papers, and a Philadelphia school district is in big trouble over using the webcams in school-issued laptops to spy on students at home. George Orwell, you were right.

From Bunny: A local man takes matters into his own hands by bulldozing his foreclosed home. And he might do the same to his business!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

RE: The mad bulldozer driver

I have read that during the Great Depression adjoining landowners banded together, armed with righteous anger and shotguns, to run off the agents of an unjust economy.

Must we revert to this behavoir today? Is this the only way to illicit change? Will people not listen to reason?

I think the bulldozer stunt is brilliant, and if we all reacted to social injustice in this way, the world may change. This is my call to arms! Brothers and sisters! (haha)