Monday, February 22, 2010

Today's shirt from Woot! is very nice for readers, librarians, and people of that ilk.

I was watching the Olympics over the weekend and discussing figure skating with Bunny. He compared it to ballet (in terms of how interesting he found it), and behold, here is an article in which dancers talk about their opinions of figure skating.  A different article addresses my major complaint, which is that the music tends toward the godawful boring. (In comparison, check this out. That's a Dead or Alive remix! That's freakin' awesome!)

How have Crayola colors changed since their inception in 1903? I'm glad you asked. (I am intrigued by the colors that disappeared over time.)

And finally, for people familiar with the SkyMall catalog and/or animals: SkyMall Kitty, the best song about a catalog ever. So far, anyway.

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