Friday, August 07, 2009

We have made it to another Friday, huzzah hooray, and now is the time when we post links from others, plus some leftover bits.

From Tony: Disney is going steampunk with their newest game?

From Julie: the ethics of using robots for war. (This is a hot topic lately and is getting discussed in several places.)

From Holly, with whom I have an ongoing discussion about Muppet physiology: the latest opinion. (I encourage you to check out the other entries on the Surviving the World site, too!)

From Cassandra: To be in Paris in August would be wonderful.

Also from Cassandra: a new weblog in The Atlantic takes on the concept of intelligence, while scientists study the latest Jupiter crash.

Both Julie and Cassandra sent in this awesome BBC article about rooks reenacting Aesop's fable. You people know me well! (I highly recommend you watch the videos on that page, too.)

We end this week with two links. For the pessimist, I give you the Global Incident Map. For the optimists and/or those young at heart, I give you Stormtroopers 365. Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

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