Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Steampunks! Get yourselves to the Great Wunderkammer Giveaway! It ends on the 21st, so get there soon.

Also on the horizon: the Steampunk Exhibition at Oxford University! You could spend quite a lot of time just looking at all the artists' websites on this page.

Has anyone taken the zeppelin-flying class offered by Airship Ventures yet? (More info on the company via this Gawker post, which suggests nefarious connections between Airship Ventures and Google and geneticists and futurists and all sorts of things.) RiverOtterWidget has a trophy all set for when the airship races eventually begin!

Musician extraordinaire David Byrne has constructed a mindboggling contraption that allows you to "play the building." Nice!

Writer Cherie Priest tackles the big question of what steampunk actually is. One of the best lines: "It is lots of fun. If it isn’t lots of fun, you’re doing it wrong."

Steampunk also apparently encompasses the animal kingdom these days as well, with elephants and monkeys getting in on the trend.

And lastly, for those of us who look beyond the Victorian age for stories of computations and gears: a new theory on the Antikythera mechanism opens up all sorts of ideas.

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