Wednesday, August 05, 2009

There was some excitement yesterday when it looked as if The Blob had made an appearance in town, but it turned out to be concentrated soap instead. (The photos look ominous, though!)

In other spooky news, a "ghost sculpture" is proposed for a lighthouse in Wales (thanks, Julie!) and the Last Messages Club purports to send communications from beyond the grave (thanks, Cassandra!)

This weekend brings all sorts of adventures, such as the Route 127 Yard Sale, which now stretches 654 miles and begins tomorrow! Farther north, the annual Twins Days festival occurs in Twinsburg, Ohio, and even farther north is the Heinola Sauna World Championships (with the awesome subtitle on the English language page of "This is how the hell must feel like"). InZurich, the Street Parade (the Swiss version of the Love Parade) takes over on Saturday, and Sunday brings the Dances of Vice brunch in Brooklyn.

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Anonymous said...

I am SO signing up for the Last Messages Club. There has never been a service more suited to my personality.