Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How on earth (or any other planet) have I not discovered Propnomicon until now? It's Lovecraft-fillled, steampunkish, craftily mysterious goodness and more!

This week brings all sorts of weird contests and festivals. In Ocean City, New Jersey, they mean that literally -- it's Weird Contest Week. Over in the UK, the International Birdman competition gets underway in Worthing, while the International Festival of Street Theatre takes place in Aurillac, France.

We are big fans of Archie McPhee, which is probably no surprise. An article in the Palm Beach Post recommends which McPhee item you should buy according to your astrological sign. I think my Gemini friends would like their gift, while my Sagittarius friends and relatives would be confused.

If you are not reading Warren Ellis's blog (or his work), you should be. It's through him that I found the amazing God Trumps cards (now with Part II!) featured by the New Humanist. Fantastic stuff.

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Anonymous said...

The following gift idea for you is so funny for so many reasons.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You would like to be reassured, but you don’t want to appear insecure, so you don’t ask for validation. Who needs a GPS for driving validation when you’ve got a Dashboard Jesus. Starpulse tip of the day: Any fast-food hamburger that could spell something unsavory with just dropping one letter in its name, should not be mass-consumed (McDonald’s Angusburger).

And, you are right about the Geminis in your life because who wouldn't love unicorn bandages?