Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday! Many thanks to everyone for reading and sending in links and being fabulous people overall.

From Bunny: Annoying people on Facebook! Are you one of them?

From Danny: a detailed list of 19th century fictional detectives. Awesome.

From Cassandra: A runway for prehistoric animals, the 100 best sci-fi movies of all time, the dark side of the author of Lord of the Flies, and the strangest office complaints out there. (Related: the most ridiculous buzzwords in the office!)

From Julie: What if zombies were real? Also, what happens if no one uses deodorant and then rides roller coasters?

From both Julie and Cassandra: Mozart was killed not by Salieri, not from nervous exhaustion, but by strep throat. Yikes.

The cheeky squirrel who jumped in front of a camera is now world famous, and you can put him/her in your own photo thanks to the Squirrelizer! You can look at random photos that have been squirrelized as well, although there's no guarantee that what you see will be safe for work.

Miss Piggy has been interviewed on her recent collaboration with fashion designer Marc Jacobs. I think. Miss Piggy has a way of making an interview all about her, you know.

And for the Star Wars fans out there: you probably heard about John Scalzi's column on the technology (or lack thereof) in the film, and think it is either hilarious or sacreligious. I am firmly in the hilarious camp, myself. Read the part about the Death Star Throne Room and try to tell me that's not funny!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

1. I need to meet Julie!

2. Of course I loved the annoying office phrases article. “Moving forward” is a polite way to say, “Get over it, you stupid bitch!”

3. The Lord of the Flies article reinforced my suspicion that some school teachers get off by singling out and torturing unlikable students. Creepy.

4. My Office Coworker complaint: Personality snatchers.

5. Sci fi movies: I can’t believe the Fifth Element is 12 years old and I must watch the Man Who Fell to Earth again. In high school it was my fave. Methinks I'm getting old.

6. And this comment to your blog post illustrates well that I am every annoying person on Facebook wrapped into one!

7. I could go on and on, but I'll spare ya.