Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Google is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the first public demonstration of Galileo's telescopes, and an article in the Guardian imagines what future generations will hold important. Steampunk is awfully steamy these days, but today we're looking at the futuristic punk aspect of all those gears and switches. Matt Staggs starts it off with his Greenpunk Manifesto, but there's been a lot of talk on the web about future ecological living recently, with Trendhunter's look at urban farming and the debut of MercuryHouseOne, a portable living space. A new deep storage battery may power the homes of the future with less effort and waste, and new hearing aids include inputs for mp3 and other audial enhancements! Treehugger then points out that the best way to save the planet is to have fewer (if any) children, which effectively puts a damper on the whole concept.

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