Monday, August 10, 2009

More international arty news this Monday!

In the Netherlands, they've invented "green" graffiti -- high-powered hoses that clean while making art. Good idea!

In Paris, the Louvre has launched an English language site, which is very nice and well-done.

In Belgium, restoration efforts have shown that a painting thought to be painted by a student of Rembrandt's is actually by Rembrandt himself.

In Florida, the battle goes on over Jack Kerouac's mother's will; evidence seems to point to its being a forgery. Who knew his estate was still an issue?

Another battle, this one for Polaroid, is also still going on. The Impossible Project is making progress, against all odds. Hooray!

And finally, check out Sean Hexed's Gross of Goblins, full of whimsy and fun and a little spookiness.

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