Thursday, June 25, 2009

More on Ohio libraries: the town where I grew up had a rally yesterday for its library, which may be shut down if the budget cuts go through. The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County has photos of the rally on its Flickr account (in other news, PLCH has a Flickr account, which I didn't know!) For northern Ohioans, Shuttered Library is reporting on events, developments, and ways to help. And even if you don't physically visit a library that often these days, consider that the cuts mean that the websites will go, too.

In more cheery library and history news, the National Archives now has its own YouTube channel, and HBO's library is making the old "March of Time" newsreels available. You have to register to watch them, but it's free.

Slate's Explainer explains it all to you! This is a nice resource for commonly asked (but complicated) questions.

The Western New York Legacy Project is a gorgeous online repository of maps, photos and more.

And lastly, Geek Your Library. Always!

Tomorrow: links from others, before we set off for a week's vacation!

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